Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarders on the ODeX Platform have access to receive documents and invoices through the platform from various shipping lines, make payments as well as get additional credit days from Invoice Bazaar Financing Gateway. Invoice Bazaar in partnership with ODeX helps freight forwarders in making payment to the shipping companies, while waiting for payments from your clients. Invoice Bazaar Financing Gateway connects the ODeX shipping ecosystem with a host of lenders.

ODeX platform has over 3,000 Freight Forwarders that use the platform and have access to services from Invoice Bazaar Financing Gateway.

Freight Forwarders using ODeX platform


As an importer, you might have various shipments that lead to challenges in collecting documents, making small but multiple payments to various shipping lines, thereby putting in operational pressure on signatories within your organization. ODeX has a solution that makes it easy for making seamless payments to shipping companies. Invoice Bazaar offers you an option to consolidate payments over a week, or two thereby easing operational pressure on your signatories.

There are over 15,000 corporates that use ODeX currently.

Corporates using ODeX platform

how does it work?

ODeX is a leading shipping ecosystem platform in India used by over 20,000 ecosystem partners consisting of Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines, Exporters, Importers and other shipping vendors. ODeX helps in digitizing documentation in the shipping industry and helps with payments. Invoice Bazaar joined hands with ODeX in 2017 to launch a financing gateway that helps connect ODeX participants with lenders. Through the Invoice Bazaar proposition, shipping stakeholders benefit from consolidating payments.

about us

Invoice Bazaar is a Supply Chain Finance platform started by a bankers and technology enthusiast in 2016 out of Dubai. Invoice Bazaar India was started to focus around the shipping ecosystem in partnership with ODeX in India. ODex brings the shipping domain knowledge and Invoice Bazaar helps add the financing leg to the shipping ecosystem which makes it compelling for platform users.

Management Team

Anand Nagaraj


Anand is a management graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode and completed a certificate program in FinTech from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with 15 years of financial services experience. Anand has been with Citi’s commercial banking business in the Middle East and has held several senior positions including more recently as Senior Vice President and Middle East Product Head. Having been instrumental in launching a receivables discounting program at Citi, he has good understanding of receivables backed financing. Anand has worked in Commercial Banking/SME business with Citi as well as ICICI Bank.

Sumit Rungta

Director –Supplier Development &
ODeX Joint Initiative- India

Sumit is a management graduate from India with over 6 years banking experience. Sumit joined Citi as a Management Associate in India and has worked across Citi’s India and Middle East franchise mainly in Transaction and Trade Services (TTS). Sumit manages the ODeX joint initiative from Invoice Bazaar.

Deepak KS

Director – Technology &

Deepak is an engineering graduate from Bangalore, India with 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience of running an IT services company. Deepak also has had FinTech experience in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region by being a part of founding team of a successful personal finance lead aggregator. Deepak manages technology development and process automation at Invoice Bazaar apart from helping new buyer implementation.

Ashok Balasubramanian

Director – Business

Ashok is a management graduate from India with over a decade of commercial banking experience across Citibank, HSBC and HDFC bank. Ashok has worked with clients across Middle East and India and was recently managing key clients for Citi’s Middle Market clients in the United Arab Emirates. Ashok manages buyer acquisitions and relationships at Invoice Bazaar.


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